Filestream’s EDMS Enhances Administrative Efficiency at the University of Hull

Filestream announces that the University of Hull has selected its electronic document management software (EDMS) to efficiently and securely manage the vast amount of administrative paperwork generated from the running of a large educational institution.
Founded in 1927 & located on a 52.7 hectare main campus site, the University of Hull has an annual budget of £190 million and is home to 20,000 students and 2,500 staff.

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Dynamics 365 Customer Relationship Management will help you close more deals

Author: Matthew Parton – Managing Director – Intelligenics Ltd

 OK so you are going to networking meetings, you meet with people face-to-face, you email them when you get back to the office. You are marketing through all channels and you have a full understanding of all your customers, where they come from, which channels work best, which sales rep is the strongest, which customers are the most profitable and which ones are not.

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Equifax Reports 143 Million Records Breached

©  Dan Raywood Contributing Editor, Infosecurity Magazine

US-based credit monitoring service Equifax has reported a data breach of 143 million records. Including names, social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses accessed by criminals and in some cases, driver license numbers, the breach was discovered on July 29th, but it was around six weeks later before the incident was disclosed to the world. Continue reading

Microsoft to overhaul Dynamics 365 and provide integration with LinkedIn

Integration with LinkedIn will provide a massive advantage to users of Dynamics 365 who will be able to draw on vital information from the business social networking giant to provide detailed insights on opportunities. Dynamics 365 is already providing improved experiences for sales teams alongside Microsoft’s £20bn LinkedIn acquisition.

Salespeople deliver better outcomes using insights from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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