About Us

WELCOME to Sales Partners

We provide high level, outsourced sales and marketing expertise to companies that need to develop new product distribution, penetrate new markets or boost their current sales efforts.

Our fully managed outsourced service will support your in-house sales and marketing functions and you will acquire all the skills and resources of a professional team at a fraction of the cost.

TFP Sales Partners train our consultants fully on your portfolio; we make appointments (calling the database contacts as your company) for members of your in-house team to attend or we can attend those appointments (again as your company) to discuss your portfolio directly with an interested end user. We drive each appointment towards an opportunity to provide a proposal from your company. We fulfil our services professionally, eloquently and provide fully completed appointment notes to your company at the end of every client meeting.

Our approach is highly cost effective (you only pay for sales activity undertaken), it allows you to utilise your own in-house resources for proposal generation and final sale closure, it provides entirely transparent costs for business planning and ensures that your product is exactly where it needs to be to generate new sales – face-to-face with new clients.

Use our service as an addition to your existing sales force, to launch a great new product, find new markets and customers, introduce new products to existing customers or simply sell additional services to your existing client base.

Contact us for more information using the online form provided on the Contact Us page or telephone 0161 371 8134.

Looking for Professional Representation without Additional In-House Costs?
Sales Partners provide an outsourced solution that relieves the cost of recruiting, training and retaining an effective sales team while delivering strong and confident growth sales revenues.

Trying to get a new product off the ground or increase market penetration?
Our team of professional consultants have extensive experience in all aspects of B2B and B2C sales, marketing and business development. Outsourcing your sales, marketing and business development needs to TFP Sales Partners will bring your product to life and create loyal customers who will feel connected to your brand.

The main reason why companies outsource is to provide equivalent or better services at lower direct costs than in-house approaches. This principle holds true for sales where there is a requirement to complement the in-house team.

Keep the sales funnel full
Sales leads from advertising, trade shows and web sites include real, near-term revenue opportunities but the ratio of qualified leads to long-term or low-value leads can be too poor to justify sales attention.

Outsourcing sales to a company equipped to follow up every lead will keep your sales leads hot and will keep your sales team’s pipeline full.

Reduce Costs
Outsourcing sales represents a low-cost approach to grow and meet opportunities when markets turn down or shrink. Costs are much easier of sales staff become unproductive or ineffective

Contact us for more information using the online form provided on the Contact Us page or Telephone 0161 371 8134