Microsoft to overhaul Dynamics 365 and provide integration with LinkedIn

Integration with LinkedIn will provide a massive advantage to users of Dynamics 365 who will be able to draw on vital information from the business social networking giant to provide detailed insights on opportunities. Dynamics 365 is already providing improved experiences for sales teams alongside Microsoft’s £20bn LinkedIn acquisition.

Salespeople deliver better outcomes using insights from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Businesses can now close deals faster with simple user actions directly within Office 365. Sales staff can send quotes, gain customer insights deliver accurate pricing and stock information without having to leave Dynamics. LinkedIn, as part of the packages, provides users of Dynamics with complete access to over 500 million professionals using the social network.

Microsoft indicates key areas where users of Dynamics 365 can gain advantage in its use
• Users will be able to identify relationships easier by drilling down into professional networks
• Engage with buyers easier with tailored content and being told when those buyers are posting updates and making job changes all vital information in the nurturing process
• Building stronger relationships with customers without having to leave the office.
Dynamics 365 already boasts a core functional set of features to users providing contact management, CRM workflows and excellent automation coupled with seamless connectivity to existing Office 365 products, all from within the cloud.

Full integration with LinkedIn could provide Microsoft with a distinct advantage to users of Dynamics 365 over other competing CRM systems.

This article deals with the CRM features of Dynamics. Microsoft are also developing Dynamics 365 for Talent, Dynamics 365 for Retail and other areas of Dynamics that can tap into that LinkedIn resource to deliver real benefits to its users.

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