At Sales Partners, we concentrate on quality lead development and quality customer service. Many firms will focus on the number of calls being dialled and leads developed. We focus on the quality of the leads generated, leading to better results and return on your investment.

We represent your company and sell your products; we are office or field based, travelling as needed and closing deals on your paperwork. We also deliver all the reports you would expect from any high-level sales force.

We use your email addresses, telephone numbers and business cards so that we function seamlessly as your team in the field. You select the range of services you need to meet your objectives and we will work with you to implement the agreed plan and deliver the resource to build a profitable sales pipeline. We also partner international companies looking to establish sales operations or launch new products in the UK.

• Appointment making
• Call Centre services
• Direct sales professionals
• Email Marketing and copywriting
• Pipeline developing and reporting
• Pre-sales professionals
• Sales order processing
• Sales training
• Surveys and research projects
• Telemarketing
• Telesales
• Web design and hosting1


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